A collection of celebrity Tweets, in music video form.
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We never thought Adam Levine would be the one to instigate a Twitter feud, but he has. With Lady Gaga.
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Demi Lovato took to Twitter on Tuesday, April 15, to share some advice with her 21.8 million followers minutes after a Twitter user called her "fatty."
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Barack Obama's Tweet to Katy Perry and vice versa is causing quite a stir.
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Celebrities read mean Tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And it's hilarious.
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A television producer, annoyed by a fellow airline passenger, tweeted their argument from start to finish. Hilarity ensued.
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A woman from Washington state who regularly monitors emergency scanners began live tweeting a fatal crash along her husband's route home from work only to find out he was the victim.
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The racist Tweets against Nina Davuluri came fast and furious after she won Miss America.
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