Is The Bachelorette really about to go there? Are two MEN on the show about to hook up? Check out this "Brokeback" teaser now... and prepare for your jaw to drop.
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Kris Jenner has hit the "vibrator jackpot." Wait... what?!? Consider yourself warned and then watch this Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip.
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Amy Schumer didn't just stop by The Bachelorette. She stopped by The Bachelorette and TOTALLY OWNED a suitor. Watch her do so here.
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Larry Wilmore has a few opinions about Josh Duggar to share. Watch this Minority Report segment to see the host absolutely tear into the "pedophile."
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Is it all about to come crashing down for Kim Kardashian and kompany? Literally? Watch this clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
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Lori Loughlin has confirmed her return to Full House! Look for the actress to reprise her beloved role on the Full House spinoff.
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Robert Pattinson was one of several British celebrities to lend a land on Red Nose Day. As you can see in this video, though, the actor should stick to his day job.
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Secrets and Wives is coming to Bravo. What separates this series from The Real Housewives franchise? Check out the first promo now!
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