Kate Middleton has been told by Queen Elizabeth II to wear longer skirts. That's just funny for some reason.
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The Farrah Abraham sex tape part two is coming soon ... the long-awaited sequel is here at last.
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Jennifer Lawrence "loves" photoshop ... only not really. Her point is that it can do amazing, even unethical things.
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Justin Bieber allegedly claims he deflowered Selena Gomez. No wonder she's so hung up on that douche.
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The Bachelor Spoilers for 2014 are already here. Who does Juan Pablo Galavis pick? Find out ... spoiler alert! (If that's not obvious...)
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Lamar Odom will be on probation for the next three years following his DUI arrest.
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Teen Mom 3 has gotten the chop at MTV. Here's a post-mortem on the series.
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Paul Walker's daughter did not witness the crash that took his life, despite reports suggesting that turn of events.
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