Brooks Forester dumps Desiree Hartsock on The Bachelorette. Part one of about 37 of this nonsense.
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The Bachelorette Season 11 preview, airing at the end of the two-part premiere, reveals a couple of interesting things fans won't even believe.
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The Bachelorette's Eric Hill confronts Andi Dorfman in his final scene on the show.
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Kupah James lost his mind last night on The Bachelorette as an innocent conversation with Kaitlyn Bristowe promptly escalated beyond belief.
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Is The Bachelorette really about to go there? Are two MEN on the show about to hook up? Check out this "Brokeback" teaser now... and prepare for your jaw to drop.
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Amy Schumer didn't just stop by The Bachelorette. She stopped by The Bachelorette and TOTALLY OWNED a suitor. Watch her do so here.
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Chris Siegfried proposes to Desiree Hartsock on The Bachelorette. Part two of two.
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ABC's promo for The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 4. Should be another dandy for Desiree and her guys.
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