Introducing Steeri! The world's first driverless app! Control your car with your phone!
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A Palestine-based hacker wanted to ensure Facebook knew of a security vulnerability, so he used the hack to post an explanation to Mark Zuckerberg.
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When kids encounter old computers, they react about as you might expect.
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Google's Year in Search 2014 video is so wonderful and emotional, it's hard not to cry when you watch it.
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A browser extension for Chrome called 'Hey Girl' replaces any image on the Internet with a photo of Ryan Gosling.
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An app named Ghetto Tracker, which helps you avoid the "bad" part of town, has been renamed "Good Part of Town."
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The creator of Flappy Bird says he plans to pull the popular game from Google Play and the App Store.
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A Georgia woman, Susan Bennett, has come forward claiming she is the voice behind Apple’s automated voice assistant, Siri.
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