Mountain Dew featured a puppy monkey baby during its Super Bowl commercial. We really have no idea why. Watch the weird ad here.
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This commercial features kids who were allegedly born because their parents had sex the night of the Super Bowl. Watch and react now.
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This was just... weird. Doritos aired a Super Bowl 50 commercial centered around an Ultrasound and early childbirth.
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Kevin Hart stars in this Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai. It makes it clear just what length dads will go to protect their daughters.
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Welcome to a town populated only by Ryan Reynolds. That's the premise of this Hyundai commercial.
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Drake stars in this genius new ad for T-Mobile. Watch the artist mock his own "Hotline Bling" music video.
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Lil Wayne and Jeff Goldblum star in a Super Bowl commercial that many are saying is "racist." Watch it here and see if you agree.
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HEINZ wins! You must see this dog-based commercial it will air during Super Bowl 50.
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PETA submitted this ridiculously racy ad for a spot on this year's Super Bowl telecast. For very obvious reasons, it was turned down.
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Steven Tyler stars in this commercial for Skittles. What do you think of it?
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Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen anchor this Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. Check it out now!
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Should the mortgage process be as fast and easy as this commercial makes it seem like it can be? Probably not.
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