John Wayne Bobbitt appeared on The Steve Harvey Show to tell fans what's going on with his penis now.
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The father and sister of Ronald Goldman spoke with Steve Harvey this week. Not surprisingly, they're not happy with the new FX miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial.
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Brandi Glanville sat down with Steve Harvey today. As usual, she made some remarkable candid comments.
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Leah Messer discussed her time in rehab on Steve Harvey this week. The Teen Mom 2 star says she wants to be a role model for young girls.
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Steve Harvey can't even deal with this Family Feud contestant. Watch as she gives what may be the worst answers of all-time.
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Steve Harvey announces the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant ... then awkwardly corrects himself. You gotta see this to believe it.
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Last night, Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner while hosting the Miss Universe pageant. Shockingly, Donald Trump has a good idea for how pageant officials can right the wrong.
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