Video of Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer in the face and knocking her out cold has surfaced. He was suspended two games by the NFL.
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Shantel Jackson is suing Floyd Mayweather, saying her former fiance beat her up really bad.
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Elle Fanning has shown 50 Cent how it's done with an awesome first pitch.
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Liz Dickson agrees to have a golf ball teed up on her ass ... and a comedian proceeds to miss terribly in his attempt to drive that thing.
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Brynn Cameron is Blake Griffin's baby mama. She is also Matt Leinart's.
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The folks from Bad Lip Reading uploaded their annual NFL gem today. It might be their funniest and most random yet.
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The Harvard baseball team rocks out to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" in this awesome viral video. Except for one guy who slept through it apparently.
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Lamar Odom says drug issues have damaged his legacy and he's determined to come back to the NBA so he can be remembered as a champion.
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