Shaquille O'Neal breaks a backboard in a classic dunk from his rookie season. That thing just crumbles to the ground in defeat.
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Reports this summer have said Odom was missing, then found, then in rehab, then out of rehab. Here are the latest details and rumors.
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DAM! Talk about an amazing basketball shot. This video features a three-point that not even Stephen Curry could nail.
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The folks from Bad Lip Reading uploaded their annual NFL gem today. It might be their funniest and most random yet.
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Lamar Odom raps about all sorts of things in this video from 2013 - and which has resurfaced in mid-2015 for new, tragic reasons.
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Floyd Mayweather unloads on sportscaster Larry Merchant after his KO of Victor Cruz.
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Check out this guy's unreal catch in an Ultimate Frisbee game ... in what appears to be a pro league of some kind. Who knew!
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Tiger Woods actually loses his golf club during an errant shot here in the U.S. Open. With a "Cheater" banner flying overheard, he suffered through a horrific round.
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