The New York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. makes the greatest catch in the history of football. Just watch it.
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The folks from Bad Lip Reading uploaded their annual NFL gem today. It might be their funniest and most random yet.
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Ray Elbe is a MMA fighter who broke his penis during sex. He talks about the incident here.
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Kevin Lanflisi, Aaron Rodgers' close friend, is rumored to have been his boyfriend as well.
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Lamar Odom raps about all sorts of things in this cracked out video. Listen and watch for yourself.
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Is Aaron Rodgers gay? That's the subject of a new series of rumors ... though the reports are suspect. We examine them here.
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Tiger Woods, missing a tooth, cheers on girlfriend Lindsey Vonn as she breaks an all-time skiing record in Italy.
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A fight broke out at a Lingerie Football League game the other night. You gotta see this.
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Shantel Jackson is suing Floyd Mayweather, saying her former fiance beat her up really bad.
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Wade Boggs talks about the time he supposedly drank 64 beers in six hours. His reply is one for the ages.
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Anastasia Ashley, a pro surfer, does an amazing Twerking warm-up routine.
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Reports this summer have said Odom was missing, then found, then in rehab, then out of rehab. Here are the latest details and rumors.
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