Justin Bieber is shirtless in Asia. That's all we got and about all you need to know.
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Are James Franco selfies cute or is he just creeping you out at this point?
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This is the ultimate selfie fail. Watch as two girls take a video of themselves singing... only to CRASH THEIR CAR on camera.
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What happens when you try to take a selfie in front of a swan? For this man and this swan... this happens!
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Miley Cyrus shares a shower selfie. And what a selfie it is.
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A high school student in Alabama posted an unusual selfie: it's of her and a dead body. Watch this video for more.
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When teen selfies posted on the Internet go awry ... serious criminal charges may follow.
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This is horrible. The parents of two toddlers in Poland died in August 2014 when trying to take a selfie.
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