Are James Franco selfies cute or is he just creeping you out at this point?
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This is the ultimate selfie fail. Watch as two girls take a video of themselves singing... only to CRASH THEIR CAR on camera.
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A high school student in Alabama posted an unusual selfie: it's of her and a dead body. Watch this video for more.
Rating: 3.7 / 5.0
This is horrible. The parents of two toddlers in Poland died in August 2014 when trying to take a selfie.
Rating: 3.6 / 5.0
Kim Kardashian in a swimsuit. What a selfie this is. And what a role model.
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Mariah Carey snapped this sexy selfie for Nick Cannon. And the rest of the world, clearly.
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Funeral selfies show that culture may have hit a new low.
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Kim Kardashian posts some new selfies on Instagram showing off her post-baby bod.
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If it wasn’t obvious enough from their Instagram accounts, these are the stars who are most obsessed with them"selfies."
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Beyoncé shares bikini photos of herself on a well deserved recent break.
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This man pulled a shark out of the sea just to get a selfie with him. We sort of wish the shark had bitten the guy.
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Yup, this is actually a thing. Teenagers have been taking selfies at former concentration camp Auschwitz.
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