A video has gone viral that explains the difference between porn sex and real-world sex ... using food.
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A husband records his wife throwing an epic tantrum that has since gone viral for obvious reasons.
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In February, John and Ann Betar were named America's longest married couple by Worldwide Marriage Encounter. Monday, they celebrate their 81st anniversary.
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This video features a German man so furious at his soon-to-be-ex-wife that he's sawing all of their possessions in half. Seriously. Check it out!
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When Jason Mortensen first woke up after surgery, he didn't recognize his own wife until the anesthesia wore off. Here, the man behind the viral video discusses it.
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A California man says he realized he was gay more than 20 years into his marriage, then he realized he was a she.
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A longtime royal expert is working on a Kate Middleton tell-all in which she claims Kate orchestrated her fate with Prince William.
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The full length video of the man who surprised his girlfriend with a proposal and wedding based on her Pinterest.
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