Last night's episode of The Daily Show featured a lost 1994 interview with Donald Trump. Trump's comments on his then-infant daughter are not for the faint of heart.
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Kristin Anderson is the fifth woman to come forward accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. Anderson says the Republican presidential nominee tried to force himself on her in 1992.
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Donald Trump made some shocking comments about his dating life during an interview with Howard Stern in the '90s. The presidential candidate stated that he believes avoiding STDs is as difficult as fighting in the Vetnam War.
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Megyn Kelly cannot keep a straight face while discussing Donald Trump in this Fox News segment. What made her laugh hysterically? Watch to find out!
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Jessica Leeds opened up about being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in a recent interview with Anderson Cooper. Leeds says the incident took place aboard a commercial jet in 1979.
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Donald Trump joked that "Second Amendment people" could prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency during a campaign event today. Many believe the real estate mogul was encouraging his supporters to assassinate Secretary Clinton.
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President Obama presented Army Captain Florent Groberg with the Medal of Honor on Thursday. He also assured Captain Groberg that he is not the lead singer of the band Korn.
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Donald Trump is not backing down from his comments regarding Megyn Kelly. But the Republican candidate for President also says he cherishes her gender.
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Tiffany Trump gave a touching tribute to her father Donald at the Republican National Convention last night. Watch it and learn about his youngest daughter.
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Mike Tyson is on Team Donald Trump. The former boxer has officially endorsed the somewhat racist real estate mogul for President.
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Melania Trump took to the stage at the Republican National Convention... and copied Michelle Obama's speech from 2008? You tell us!
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Oh, that silly Hillary Clinton. Watch her joke here about her desire to see Lenny Kravitz's impressive junk.
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