Tiffany Trump gave a touching tribute to her father Donald at the Republican National Convention last night. Watch it and learn about his youngest daughter.
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Last night's episode of The Daily Show featured a lost 1994 interview with Donald Trump. Trump's comments on his then-infant daughter are not for the faint of heart.
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President Obama presented Army Captain Florent Groberg with the Medal of Honor on Thursday. He also assured Captain Groberg that he is not the lead singer of the band Korn.
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Donald Trump has done it again. Just when we think the Presidential hopeful can no longer take us by surprise, he goes ahead and says THIS during a debate.
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Newly analyzed documents from Hillary Clinton's close friend show she called Monica Lewinsky a "loony toon."
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Donald Trump joked that "Second Amendment people" could prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency during a campaign event today. Many believe the real estate mogul was encouraging his supporters to assassinate Secretary Clinton.
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Melania Trump took to the stage at the Republican National Convention... and copied Michelle Obama's speech from 2008? You tell us!
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Sexting fanatic turned porn star Sydney Leathers makes a much-anticipated appearance at an Anthony Weiner campaign party on election night.
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Rielle Hunter had an affair with married Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards and gave birth to his child eight years ago. She's still around giving interviews!
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Caitlyn Jenner really hates Hillary Clinton. Check out her latest political tirade now.
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An advertisement launched in protest of the recent NSA scandal. Protect the 4th Amendment on this 4th of July!
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Four-year-old Abigael Evans cries over the U.S. presidential election. Hard to blame the kiddo.
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