Mike Huckabee is here to say "Hello." He hopes this video will win over Presidential voters in Iowa.
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Sarah Palin has stated that President Obama is to blame for her son's recent arrest for domestic violence. Today, Donald Trump backed up her idiotic statement.
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Donald Trump really, truly, actually is running for President of the United States. Watch excerpts from his hilarious speech here.
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Donald Trump came out swinging during the first Republican primary debate. To the surprise of many, the real estate mogul took an ugly shot at longtime rival Rosie O'Donnell.
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President Obama presented Army Captain Florent Groberg with the Medal of Honor on Thursday. He also assured Captain Groberg that he is not the lead singer of the band Korn.
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Donald Trump has set his sights on Ben Carson. And you won't believe what the Presidential candidate just said about his Republican rival.
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The first GOP primary debate was pretty funny. The Bad Lip Reading version is even funnier.
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Newly analyzed documents from Hillary Clinton's close friend show she called Monica Lewinsky a "loony toon."
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The FULL Monica Lewinsky "sex tape" ... which is basically an audio tape of her beckoning Bill Clinton for sex.
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President Barack Obama delivers the 2014 State of the Union address. How do you think he did?
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Four-year-old Abigael Evans cries over the U.S. presidential election. Hard to blame the kiddo.
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President Barack Obama throws down - cash, for beer - at the Iowa State Fair in August 2012. Pretty awesome.
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