Human Ken Doll and Human Barbie need to bang each other senseless. It's just a must.
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Rumors have been circulating that Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery even at her young age.
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Did Kourtney Kardashian get a boob job? We doubt it, but these pictures of her flaunting her insane cleavage in a new bodysuit, well ...
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A woman recently contracted a giant ball of fungus inside her breast implants, and the results of that are truly shocking to watch in this video.
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Farrah Abraham is using her daughter and her botched lip surgery to sell beauty products. Please don't buy them, or she'll only do more of this sort of thing.
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Plastic surgery enthusiast Justin Jedlica discusses how his first nose job turned into a lifetime of surgeries.
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Jenelle Evans really wants you to look at her fake boobs. Like a lot.
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Lara Flynn Boyle is generating plenty of buzz online thanks to some unusual looking new photos. But is there anything to them?
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Bruce Jenner is looking rather gaunt and long-haired these days. It's strange.
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Farrah Abraham talks about what plastic surgery she's had on Bethenny. It's not a short list.
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Sharon Osbourne reveals her most excruciating cosmetic procedure. It does not sound fun.
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Jenelle Evans is again taking on Farrah Abraham, this time for the latter's lip injections.
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