A dog rides a Roomba in this Vine video. It's short, but it's hilarious.
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Kaley Cuoco posted a video to Instagram recently that appears to show the actress seriously intoxicated. The clip even features a cameo from her dog.
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Watch the Kia hamsters shed their furry folds to the tune of the latest and greatest anthem from Lady Gaga, "Applause."
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Meet Tuna! This dog has become an Internet sensation. Watch this video to find out why.
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This cat is none too pleased that his young owner just placed a flower on his head. Watch his hilarious reaction now.
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Cats sometimes steal beds from their fellow pets. And when this happens, dogs sometimes become angry and/or confused.
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50 Cent is in some hot water after posting an Instagram video of his cat apparently drinking vodka, because of course that is a thing that happened.
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What happens when some adorably furry friends get together to recreate the new Star Wars trailer? This amazing video happens.
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This is an amazing, inspiring video. Watch a dog help its owner calm down from an Asperger's Syndrome meltdown.
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What better way to celebrate National Dog Day than to feature a dog in a hot tub?!? Watch in sheer delight now.
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A group of dogs have taken it upon themselves to spoof Miley Cyrus' latest video for "We Can't Stop." Only "We Can Bark."
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The Westminster Kennel Club crowned a new top pup at its 138th annual dog show: Wire Fox Terrier Sky.
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