Prepare to be AWWW-inspired by this video, pet lovers. It features a precious little boy who loves his dog... even if the dog refuses to fetch.
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What happens when your dog curls up alongside your sleeping baby? You pretty much call it quits. Life can't get any sweeter than this!
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This dog has come up with a genius idea for how to rescue her tennis ball from the pool... without getting wet. See her in action now.
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This Corgi is experiencing every puppy's worst nightmare. He's stuck on the stairs and he doesn't know which way to go!
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Johnny Depp stopped by an Australian wildlife center to feed a baby bat while dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. The moment was caught was caught on camera, and it's every bit as awesome as it sounds.
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Watch the Kia hamsters shed their furry folds to the tune of the latest and greatest anthem from Lady Gaga, "Applause."
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Who says only dogs can protect their homes from an intruder? This brave cat proves otherwise in this awesome footage.
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This is an amazing story and video. It features a bulldog named Bonsai who you simply must see to believe.
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