HA! Watch this video to see how one man hilariously reacts upon learning he's about to be a grandfather.
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This father dancing with his daughter to "Shake It Off" is everything. It's as cute as any video on the Internet.
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Identical twins can often elicit confusion and fascination among adults. Imagine being just 10 months old and learning that your mother has one.
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The fan in this video doesn't just grab a foul ball away from the Dodgers first baseman. He does so while holding on to his baby with one hand!
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Prepare to cry, readers. Check out this Father's Day-themed ad from Dove and see future dads learning they are expecting.
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Amy, the mom breastfeeding while practicing yoga naked whose photo went viral, insists it was not staged.
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This video is simply incredible. It features a mother rabbit GOING OFF on a snake who tragically killed her kids.
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