This two year old named Claire wishes her mom a happy birthday in a sweet viral video.
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This father dancing with his daughter to "Shake It Off" is everything. It's as cute as any video on the Internet.
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This is the greatest Frozen lip-sync you'll ever see. Watch this mother and daughter make the Internet swoon.
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Amy, the mom breastfeeding while practicing yoga naked whose photo went viral, insists it was not staged.
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Farrah Abraham wants her daughter to get a life. She's four mind you.
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A disturbing letter targeting a teen with autism and telling his family to "euthanize" him has shaken the family and the local community.
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Susan, a surrogate mother for 8 babies, was left to care for two of them after the biological parents no longer wanted them.
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A brave fourth grader goes undercover to reveal the truth about the food service program at his elementary school.
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A family in Canada is outraged after receiving a hate-filled letter that says the family should "euthanize" their autistic son.
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Suzanna Perryman returned to her car & found an anonymous note saying "You are clearly not disabled - shame on you." Suzanne, whose 2 daughters have special needs, responded.
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Lucy Eades posted this video under the title Breastfeeding Discrimination after she was asked to cover up at her local rec center.
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As prenatal testing for Down syndrome becomes more common, many women will face an array of information about their unborn children.
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