Time Traveler in 1938 film caught talking on a cell phone in 1938 coming out of a Dupont Factory in Massachusetts.
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London's Metropolitan Police are assessing new information related to a conspiracy theory regarding the car crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997.
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Living Doll Venus Palermo is attracting lots of fans - and criticism - thanks to videos like this one.
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This uncensored surveillance video from the Miami Herald building shows the 18-minute face-eating attack on victim Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway. Police shoot and kill Rudy Eugene around the 18:00 mark.
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A woman caught a man masturbating inside Walmart. She then took this video of the culprit. Watch it now.
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Harry Belafonte has filed a lawsuit against the estate of Martin Luther King Jr. over an ownership dispute of documents that Belafonte said were given to him by MLK.
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Emily Nesbit, a high school English teacher in Pennsylvania, faces several years behind bars for reportedly 'performing a sex act on an 18-year-old student in her classroom.'
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An alleged sasquatch sighting by Chinese tourists in Canada, July 2013.
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A husband records his wife throwing an epic tantrum that has since gone viral for obvious reasons.
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Rapper Mos Def reenacts the force feeding that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are subjected to.
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Jacqui Beck, 17, of Britain, said she was in "total shock" to learn that she had been born without a vagina.
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GoldieBlox, a brand of building toys designed for girls, encourages girls to pursue careers in engineering.
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