Tess Holiday became the first size-22 model to sign with a major agency back in January. Since then, her life has been a whirlwind.
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This Canadian guy, Rory Wagner, met his end at the hands (and teeth) of a bear. The bear was later put down after eating the convicted murderer.
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President Barack Obama has spoken out on the horrific tragedy in Charleston. Watch his emotional speech here.
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A horrific shooting in Charleston has killed at least nine people. Lear more about the tragedy in this video.
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Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show on Thursday by delivering an emotional, serious speech. Watch him talk here about the Charleston shooting.
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You gotta see what happens when this woman kicks snow in a cat's face. It doesn't end well for her.
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A surprising video making the online rounds shows a QVC host grabbing her chest and almost fainting during a presentation.
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Jacqui Beck, 17, of Britain, said she was in "total shock" to learn that she had been born without a vagina.
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