"Pippi Longstocking" actress Tami Erin allegedly has a XXX video that is being shopped around.
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The cameraman with Steve Irwin at the time of his death is speaking out about it for the first time.
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This newborn baby refuses to leave the side of his mother in an awe-inspiring video.
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Mamura Nasirova, a nanny, is caught on camera abusing a child.
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A five-year-old video showing an 18-year-old girl allegedly hired by developers to sleep with a city official, Lei Zhengfu, has caused outrage in China since it went viral following a suspected extortion attempt.
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Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syria released a video on Saturday which purported to show the beheading of British aid worker David Haines.
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A former cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, Molly Shattuck, has been accused of having sexual relations with an underage, teenage boy.
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Vine star Nash Grier yells a gay slur at the top of his lungs. Wow.
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Adele warns Kelly Clarkson not to have a baby yet because everything else will go on the back burner.
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An alleged sasquatch sighting by Chinese tourists in Canada, July 2013.
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A woman caught a man masturbating inside Walmart. She then took this video of the culprit. Watch it now.
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Time Traveler in 1938 film caught talking on a cell phone in 1938 coming out of a Dupont Factory in Massachusetts.
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