Tulsa officer Betty Shelby has been freed on bond in the Terence Crutcher shooting, following his death and her being arraigned on manslaughter charges.
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This man is the hero America wants and needs. Watch this video to see him comfort a baby who was crying aboard an airplane.
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FSU wide receiver Travis Rudolph joined a young man for lunch at a Florida middle school, and the photo of the two eating together soon went viral for an amazing reason.
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This video of Sharkeisha getting into a fight has gone viral. It spread so quickly and caused so much controversy that Instagram yanked it.
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White Girls, a Royals parody, is funny. They won the DNA lottery, you guys!
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San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!
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During last night's Republican Presidential Debate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz went OFF on CNBC for its questions to the candidates earlier in the debate.
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Martin MacNeill, a doctor, is on trial for murdering his wife and his own children believe he is guilty.
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Five months after his death, a new video of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack has just been released to the public. Watch it here.
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This newborn baby refuses to leave the side of his mother in an awe-inspiring video.
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If Kimberly Jackson has taught us anything, it's that nothing says romance like getting your freak on ... in public with your passed out boyfriend.
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A Georgia woman, Susan Bennett, has come forward claiming she is the voice behind Appleā€™s automated voice assistant, Siri.
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