Watch this video to see Ashleigh Banfield dedicate a large portion of her show to the reading of a statement by a rape victim who has not seen justice served.
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A Georgia woman, Susan Bennett, has come forward claiming she is the voice behind Apple’s automated voice assistant, Siri.
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O.J. Simpson, who’s serving a 33-year-sentence for robbery, is accused of doing stealing cookies from the cafeteria of his Nevada prison.
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A gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo has been killed in controversial fashion. Watch this scary video to see what happened when a toddler fell into the animal's enclosure.
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A former Oklahoma high school teacher was arrested this week and charged with second degree rape of a student.
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San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!
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Anderson Cooper paid tribute on Monday night to those who died in Orlando over the weekend. But he had trouble getting through the segment.
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WDBJ honored its fallen employees this morning by airing a moment of silence during its morning broadcast. Watch it here and observe it along with us.
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A five-year-old video showing an 18-year-old girl allegedly hired by developers to sleep with a city official, Lei Zhengfu, has caused outrage in China since it went viral following a suspected extortion attempt.
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London's Metropolitan Police are assessing new information related to a conspiracy theory regarding the car crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997.
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It's difficult to remain professional when a weather pattern looks just like a private male body part. Watch this video to see what we mean.
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John Oliver recorded a brief statement about the June 12th Orlando shooting that aired before 'Last Week Tonight.' Oliver called the suspect a "dipshit terrorist" and highlighted the ways in which others are supporting the victims.
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