Blonde Bennett wants to be a real-life Barbie so bad, she's even using hypnotherapy to become dumber.
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A former Oklahoma high school teacher was arrested this week and charged with second degree rape of a student.
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An alleged Bigfoot sighting in Canada, July 2013. Think that's really him?
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A possible sighting of Bigfoot in Oregon by some kids shooting hoops. Sasquatch is seen (or supposedly seen) in that region fairly often.
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This newborn baby refuses to leave the side of his mother in an awe-inspiring video.
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These twins were just born. But they still believe they are in the womb. It's wonderful.
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Sam Rader, with his wife Nia by his side, admits he used the cheating website Ashley Madison, but says he never had an affair and God has forgiven him.
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Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau have two teenage daughters together. That is pretty amazing considering how they met.
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You have to see this graphic video of a sperm whale exploding. It died of natural causes before this.
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WDBJ honored its fallen employees this morning by airing a moment of silence during its morning broadcast. Watch it here and observe it along with us.
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This Easter Bunny and this mall patron totally go at it in this video. It's both hilarious and quite disturbing.
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A woman caught a man masturbating inside Walmart. She then took this video of the culprit. Watch it now.
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