A woman has received backlash for breastfeeding a puppy. Seriously! Watch this video for the full story.
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These twins were just born. But they still believe they are in the womb. It's wonderful.
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This is a popular online conspiracy video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed." Watch, comment, react.
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An alleged sasquatch sighting by Chinese tourists in Canada, July 2013.
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You have to see this graphic video of a sperm whale exploding. It died of natural causes before this.
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Danielle Busby and her husband give their first update since their all-girl quintuplets have been born. Watch!
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Police in Florida say this Fort Lauderdale man was high on flakka when he went streaking this past weekend. Check out the insane video.
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Penny Brown is a British model who makes frequent YouTube videos. She's used surgery to transform her cartoonish physique.
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