A performer at a retired cop's party at the Elks Lodge in Glendale, Calif., sang a song celebrating the death of Michael Brown. It's pretty shocking.
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What happens when a homeless man receives a gift of $100? Find out in this amazing viral video.
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Giovanna Plowman appears to place a bloody tampon in her mouth in this video. Do you think it's real?
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This video of Sharkeisha getting into a fight has gone viral. It spread so quickly and caused so much controversy that Instagram yanked it.
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This 10-year-old started an American Girl petition to get a girl with a disability named Girl of the Year.
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A woman has received backlash for breastfeeding a puppy. Seriously! Watch this video for the full story.
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San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!
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The Category 4 Oklahoma City tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., and surrounding areas May 20, 2013.
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The victim of the savage, viral Sharkeisha video is speaking out about the ordeal.
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A possible sighting of Bigfoot in Oregon by some kids shooting hoops. Sasquatch is seen (or supposedly seen) in that region fairly often.
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This is a popular online conspiracy video, "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed." Watch, comment, react.
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You gotta see what happens when this woman kicks snow in a cat's face. It doesn't end well for her.
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