Danny Pintauro came out and admitted he is HIV Positive during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Watch the actor speak to the host here.
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You'll never believe what a mother came home to find not long after her six-year old son died of a brain infection. This story will break your heart.
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We bet you've never seen a news report quite like this one. Watch as a journalist gets hit by a car on live television.
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A McDonald's employee in Chicago has gone viral... for all the right reasons. Check out this photo and marvel over the random act of kindess he recently committed.
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Talk about the ultimate irony. This BBC journalist was reporting on sexual harassment... when some idiot came along and sexually harassed her.
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Chris Harper Mercer went on the rampage that killed 10 and injured scores of others on the Roseburg, Oregon, campus of Umpqua Community College yesterday.
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Sarah Harris is our new hero. Watch this pregnant news anchor tell body-shakers exactly what they can do with their moronic opinion.
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Check out this amazing video to see how one high school in Tennessee is taunting its rival prior to a big-time football game.
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