A 3-year-old boy was found dead in a Southern Maryland park where his mother allegedly pushed him on the swings ... for two days.
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Fugitive Richard Matt has been shot and killed by police. Matt was on the run for 3 weeks after escaping from an Upstate NY prison.
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Love wins? More like this police officer wins! Watch him grind up a storm with a New York City Gay Pride Parade participant.
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A wellness blogger lied to her followers, claiming she had brain cancer. However, brain scans proves that she did not have cancer. So what did she do? She banked on a lie.
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Martin MacNeill, a doctor, is on trial for murdering his wife and his own children believe he is guilty.
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Get to know Amber Pangborn in this video report. And then bow down in awe upon hearing the tale of this brand new mother.
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Giovanna Plowman appears to place a bloody tampon in her mouth in this video. Do you think it's real?
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Escaped prisoner David Sweat has been shot and apprehended. Sweat broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility in Upstate New York over three weeks ago,
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