A four-year-old Pennsylvania girl died on Friday after her babysitter left her in a hot car - for hours - in a record-breaking heat wave.
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This surveillance video captures footage of a tiger dragging a young woman off the road in China. The woman's mother then gets killed trying to save her child.
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Plastic surgery obsessed, quasi-famous Justin Bieber look-alike Toby Sheldon was found dead. Now we know why.
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David Salmon fell off the side of a water slide and broke his arm and some ribs. The Dallas resident was at a private home at the time of the accident.
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Jerika Bolen is a 14-year old who has agreed to end her own life. But not before she first attended a prom thrown in her honor.
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Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, was trying to help an autistic patient when local police responded to an alleged suicide call. What happens after is both shocking and disappointing.
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Giovanna Plowman appears to place a bloody tampon in her mouth in this video. Do you think it's real?
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Maxwell the Pig goes on a date in this GEICO ad. Pretty funny.
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This video of Sharkeisha getting into a fight has gone viral. It spread so quickly and caused so much controversy that Instagram yanked it.
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A woman has received backlash for breastfeeding a puppy. Seriously! Watch this video for the full story.
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A five-year-old video showing an 18-year-old girl allegedly hired by developers to sleep with a city official, Lei Zhengfu, has caused outrage in China since it went viral following a suspected extortion attempt.
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San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!
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