Watch the Kia hamsters shed their furry folds to the tune of the latest and greatest anthem from Lady Gaga, "Applause."
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We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.
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Katharine McPhee is back with a new music video! The former American Idol favorite is surrounded by shirtless studs as she belts out "Lick My Lips."
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Beyonce has released a shock new single that is dedicated to her husband.
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Nicki Minaj has come out with her music video for "The Night Is Still Young." You won't believe this, but the singer shows a lot of skin in it.
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Adam Lambert is back! But is he better than ever? The former American Idol favorite has come out with a new track. Give "Underground" a listen and sound off now.
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Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have teamed up to, well... feel themselves. Take a look at a teaser for the pair's music video, set to the track "Feel Myself."
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Sia's official music video for "Big Girls Cry" featuring Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler.
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