Whoa there! Justin Bieber gets down and very dirty with Xenia Deli in this teaser for the "What Do You Mean?" music video.
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Taylor Swift has released a teaser video for her next music video. Check it out here and see who it will co-star.
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It. Is. HERE! Justin Bieber has dropped his latest single and you can listen to "What Do You Mean?" right now!
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Lenny Kravitz suffered quite the wardrobe malfunction during a recent concert. He ripped a hole in his pants.... right in the crotch!
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Kelly Clarkson is back with another memorable cover. This time, she's taking on Selena Gomez's latest single. Watch and listen!
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Take this, Drake! Serena Williams shows off her own singing ability by belting out a classic Little Mermaid song in this amazing video.
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Down goes Harry Styles! Again! Watch the One Direction hottie fall right on his rear end in this clip from a recent concert.
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We like Lana Del Rey. But we must be honest: this was a rather weak performance on her part during Saturday Night Live.
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