This Valentine's Day, the "50 Shades of Grey" movie has a new star. The one and only Steve Buscemi.
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The first full Insurgent movie trailer is out! Watch now and prepare for the release of this blockbuster.
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The trailer for Octomom's new porn movie. It's called "Octomom: Home Alone." Watch at your own risk.
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The first trailer for Nymphomaniac is very NSFW. Seriously. You do not want to watch this in certain company.
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You better believe we'll be going to see Trainwreck. Watch footage from this Amy Schumer-written comedy now.
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Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear star in The Gift (2000).
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A movie trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, made by a fan on the Internet. It's not bad really!
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The first Magic Mike XXL trailer is here! And it features so many shirtless men! View it now.
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