Nina Davuluri talks about the barrage of racist tweets and social media commentary that flooded the internet as soon as she was crowned Miss America.
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Miss Kansas Theresa Vail revealed a tattoo of the Serenity Prayer on her right side and one of the insignia of the U.S. Army Dental Corps on her left shoulder.
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A new Miss America has been crowned, and it’s a historical win for Nina Davuluri.
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The racist Tweets against Nina Davuluri came fast and furious after she won Miss America.
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Whoa there! Megan Swanson (Miss Nebraska) gives Miss America viewers more than they bargained for in this video.
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Betty Cantrell has been crowned Miss America 2016. Here is one of the reasons why.
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Kelly Johnson gave a monologue about being a nurse for her Miss America talent. Check it out here.
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