Who says cucumbers aren't scary?!? Watch how this vegetable scares the living heck out of this cat.
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Film critic Ben Mankiewincz discussed his experience with incest porn on a web series recently. The problem is, he was supposed to be talking about a kids' movie.
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Down goes Harry Styles! Watch the One Direction singer take a fall on stage in this hilarious video.
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Know how a nightclub crow can get really amped for the beat to drop? This is what happens when that beat does NOT drop.
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David Letterman has come out of retirement already. Watch him lay into Donald Trump with this Top 10 List.
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A trip to McDonald's turned heated for one unsuspecting Brit. Pray that this prank doesn't catch on amongst your friends.
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50 Cent filmed an Air Bud parody for last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. This movie needs to happin in real life.
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