Parents say McDonald's Minions toys are swearing at their kids. Watch the video and decide for yourself if the toys are keeping it G-rated.
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Why should Amy Schumer join The Real Housewives family on Bravo? The comedian tells us in this LOL-worthy video.
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No one ever said videobombing was easy. Watch this guy run from his house and end up in the background of a local broadcast.
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Some YouTube genius mashed up Always Sunny's Dayman musical with the Batman v Superman trailer. Obviously, the results are glorious.
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A video showing an epic fight between two women was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. You have to see what one of them does with ketchup.
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In the wake the Ashley Madison hacking scandal, Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets and asked kids a simple question: What is Adultery?
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Film critic Ben Mankiewincz discussed his experience with incest porn on a web series recently. The problem is, he was supposed to be talking about a kids' movie.
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Well done, Kelsey and Maddie! Watch these maids of honor deliver an epic wedding toast in this amazing video.
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