Totino's Lady is the Internet's newest viral video star. Watch her hilarious response to a question about the impact of Hurricane Joaquin.
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X? Z?!? What the heck?!? Watch this Wheel of Fortune take the most random letter guesses of all-time in this clip.
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This little girl is in trouble for painting her Barbie's nails. But she says that it's not her fault... the doll made her do it!
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HA! Oops! Watch this news anchor make a joke about Uranus... and then immediately regret doing so.
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Channing Tatum, Jimmy Kimmel and Jamie Foxx have released the official music video for "(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum."
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Ellen DeGeneres isn't just funny. She's SCARY funny. See what we mean in this video compilation of Ellen freaking out her famous guests.
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Katy Perry wss groped by a drugged-up female fan during a concert last night. Fortunately, the whole thing was captured on video.
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OUCH! This high school football player just hit his own teammate with a WWE finishing move. Not cool! (But pretty hilarious!)
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We wish this video was fake. But it's real... and it depicts a girl who has no idea how a landline works.
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The hilarious woman in this video has a point she would like to make very clear: leggings are not pants! They just aren't, people!
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This mother has a very simple question and then request to her son, who just left for college: Remember me? Yes? Okay then: CALL ME!
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Know how a nightclub crow can get really amped for the beat to drop? This is what happens when that beat does NOT drop.
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