What if Joffrey Baratheon was actually the hero of Game of Thrones? This video explores that unlikely scenario.
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Yes, you read this headline correctly. Don't tell us you aren't anxious to see Snoop Dogg narrate a tree frog orgy!
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Wait... what?!? Kanye West as a stand-up comic! You better (sort of) believe it! Watch this video and see what we mean.
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Talk about an EPIC FAIL. In this video, a 12-year old boy trips, falls and ends up tearing a large hole in a painting... worth $1.5 million.
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A news anchor in Florida stormed off the set due to his frustration with the Kardashians. We've all been there, dude!
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This water aerobics instructor could give Beyonce a run for her sexy money. Watch him get down here to "Single Ladies."
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Behati Prinsloo recently posted a video on Instagram of herself singing "Can't Feel My Face" after having her wisdome teeth removed. Watch the funny video of the delirously model singing!
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Why should Amy Schumer join The Real Housewives family on Bravo? The comedian tells us in this LOL-worthy video.
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