This mother has a very simple question and then request to her son, who just left for college: Remember me? Yes? Okay then: CALL ME!
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A guy in a giraffe mask sings Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get It On" in the Internet's new favorite video. Don't Try to understand. Just let it happen.
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Why should Amy Schumer join The Real Housewives family on Bravo? The comedian tells us in this LOL-worthy video.
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Taylor Swift was caught by surprise by a fire alarm during a concert in Houston last night. The singer was semi-nude, but that didn't stop her from recording an Instagram video for her fans.
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This woman really, really, REALLY does not want this bear to eat her kayak. But the bear is totally about to eat her kayak.
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These sorority girls thought it would be a good idea to attend a baseball game and snap a few selfies instead of watching the action. These announces disagreed.
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This woman was unprepared for The Office series finale to sneak up on her out of nowhere. And, as you can see here, she did not handle the surprise very well.
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What part of the body does this Family Feud contestant touch to get a woman in the mood? Watch, find out... and then laugh out loud.
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Ready to watch this grandma Whip? Ready to watch her Nae Nae? Do so here!
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The grandmother featured in this video has no idea what's going on. She's trying to make sense of the lyrics to Drake and Future's "Jumpman."
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Last night, Seth Meyers poked fun at the ridiculous dialogue on True Detective Season 2. Watch and see if you can beat the contestants on Fortune Cookie or True Detective.
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Video of a rat carrying a slice of pizza through a subway station is taking the Internet by storm. For once something from the NYC subway system is going viral and it's NOT a bad thing.
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