This guy, who is shirtless and very attractive, is busted dancing and cleaning his apartment.
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"The Fox," a video from a Norwegian comedic show host, might put "Gangnam Style" to shame. Watch and be amazed.
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Sergio Flores, a.k.a. the Sexy Sax Man, loves to play some George Michael. And get kicked out of random places.
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You gotta watch this video of a Russian kid dancing at a club. He's got no shame and he just don't CARE!
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Worry about yourself, daddy! This little girl tells her dad how it is.
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Jimmy Kimmel and Carrie Underwood duet on "Before He Freaks," a takeoff on her classic "Before He Cheats." Pretty funny.
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Check out this little girl covering "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj. It's kind of awesome. And kind of terrifying.
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This is pretty funny stuff. The Academy Awards featured an Auto-Tune montage that made fun of a few major hits.
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Lindsay Lohan and other stars preview the "Hottie Body Hump Club" in a great sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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Natalie Munroe makes no excuses for blogging about her students, which got her suspended from her high school teaching job. Here's an interview she did with Good Morning America about it.
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Melissa Leo becomes the first Academy Award winner to drop the F-bomb in an Oscar acceptance speech. Amazing.
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Grown man dressed as vampire 1, Wells Fargo 0. You have to watch this awesome report on a goth who fought back against the corporate machine.
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