This precocious little star taps to the beat of her own foot, and no one, and we mean no one can stop her!
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HA! We feel bad laughing too hard, but... HA! This video features a young woman wearing high heels and stumbling during her high school graduation. Stumbling for a long period of time, we should say.
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Robert Pattinson was one of several British celebrities to lend a land on Red Nose Day. As you can see in this video, though, the actor should stick to his day job.
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How we've missed you, Stephen Colbert! Watch the comedian mock Donald Trump's Presidential announcement in this video.
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This is the dad life. No more to be said, on Father's Day, or any other day. This is HOW WE LIVE!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger suited up in his Terminator gear to prank some tourists recently. The resulting video is every bit as funny as it sounds.
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Did that really just happen?!? Watch these Game of Thrones fans react to the final scene of the Season 5 finale.
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Channing Tatum, Jimmy Kimmel and Jamie Foxx have released the official music video for "(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum."
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