These women just got really drunk and then got surprised via the presentation of many puppies. Watch to see what happened next.
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Did you need another reason to totally love Jennifer Lawrence? We've got one here! Watch this interview.
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Taylor Swift was caught by surprise by a fire alarm during a concert in Houston last night. The singer was semi-nude, but that didn't stop her from recording an Instagram video for her fans.
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Who says cucumbers aren't scary?!? Watch how this vegetable scares the living heck out of this cat.
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This baby may not know how to walk on his own just yet. But the little girl is already a headbanging expert!
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White Girls, a Royals parody, is funny. They won the DNA lottery, you guys!
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Lenny Kravitz suffered quite the wardrobe malfunction during a recent concert. He ripped a hole in his pants.... right in the crotch!
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Kids really do say the darndest things, don't they? Case in point: this little boy and his desire to pet some "titties."
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We can't stop laughing over this toddler's reaction to the new single by Adele. Watch now, see what we mean and prepare for your funny bone to hurt.
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Why should Amy Schumer join The Real Housewives family on Bravo? The comedian tells us in this LOL-worthy video.
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Daniel Tosh has recreated Selena Gomez's "Good For You" video. Thankfully, it's every bit as hilarious as it sounds.
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This dog appears to be sleeping quietly and peacefully. But then he farts and wakes himself up.
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