HA! Miley Cyrus goes undercover in this Jimmy Kimmel Live segment and asks people what they think of... Miley Cyrus!
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OOPS! Watch this video for documentation of what happened after a boyfriend proposed... and instantly lost the diamond ring in the water.
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This water aerobics instructor could give Beyonce a run for her sexy money. Watch him get down here to "Single Ladies."
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This guy is our new hero. Watch him document a recent trip to IKEA with his girlfriend, making award-worthy puns every step of the way.
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Talk about an EPIC FAIL. In this video, a 12-year old boy trips, falls and ends up tearing a large hole in a painting... worth $1.5 million.
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Lenny Kravitz suffered quite the wardrobe malfunction during a recent concert. He ripped a hole in his pants.... right in the crotch!
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A new fan-made Harry Potter trailer re-imagines Daniel Radcliffe as the villain of the movies. After watching this video, you won't find that so hard to imagine.
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Poor Florida Man. He's trying very hard in this video not to have his SUV towed. But he's failing in spectacular fashion.
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