A high school senior has become an Internet sensation for what he did at a talent show. You have to see it to appreciate it.
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Candace Payne is a mom who recently bought a Chewbacca mask at Kohl's. What happened next is a joyous thing to behold.
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There are few worse places in life to be stuck than the stall of a public restroom. Just ask the woman featured in this unfortunate video.
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This baby has a message for the adults around him: JUST STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME SMILE AND LET ME BE ANGRY AT THE WORLD!
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Batman v Superman has not been well-received by critics. Fortunately, the Internet is here to make fun of Ben Affleck.
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Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar are easy targets for parody. Just ask the folks at Funny or Die and check out this hilarious sketch.
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Taylor Swift was caught by surprise by a fire alarm during a concert in Houston last night. The singer was semi-nude, but that didn't stop her from recording an Instagram video for her fans.
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The two dogs featured in this video are being asked a very important question. Will one snitch on the other?!?
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Daniel Tosh is offering an alternative to the Oscars. The Blackademy Awards sound far more entertaining.
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White Girls, a Royals parody, is funny. They won the DNA lottery, you guys!
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A guy in a giraffe mask sings Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get It On" in the Internet's new favorite video. Don't Try to understand. Just let it happen.
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HA! We feel bad laughing too hard, but... HA! This video features a young woman wearing high heels and stumbling during her high school graduation. Stumbling for a long period of time, we should say.
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