Kelsey Grammer continues to talk about his ex-wife. In this interview with Anderson Cooper, he expresses his many regrets.
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Kelsey Grammer has a small penis. Ex-wife Camille makes that clear in this video, courtesy of TMZ.
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Kelsey Grammer talks about Kayte Walsh in this appearance with Jimmy Kimmel. He talks about a "magical" night the two shared in Paris.
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Kelsey Grammer has nothing but negative things to say about his ex-wife. Shocking, we know. Listen to him bash Camille in this interview with Piers Morgan.
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In this video, Kelsey Grammer and his wife transport their baby away from the airport... but where is her car seat?!?
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Kelsey Grammer talks to Conan O'Brien in this video, touching on his current wife and on NOT having sex with his ex-wife. Man, this guy sucks.
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Kelsey Grammer will star on a new series this fall. It's titled "Boss" and you can watch the trailer for it here.
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Kelsey Grammer serenading his new bride at the reception of his fourth wedding. Can you blame Kayte Walsh for falling in love?
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