A classic scene from the first season of Jersey Shore. Snooki gets her clock cleaned in the bar by Brad Ferro.
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New Jersey Shore cast member Deena Nicole Cortese makes quite an impression in her first episode. Girl showed Sitch the goods right off the bat, leaving nothing to the imagination.
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Deena and Snooki ingest each other's faces in a legendary clip from Jersey Shore.
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It's gonna go down on Jersey Shore. Here's Snooki's throwdown with Angelina in Season 2.
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This is rather hilarious. Check out this preview for Friggin Twilight, which stars the Jersey Shore cast members as characters from Twilight.
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The official trailer for Season 2 of Jersey Shore. Get ready for the guidos to run it back hard core.
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Jersey Shore's guido extraordinaire Pauly D tells us how he rolls with that hair. It's rather involved.
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The ultimate Jersey Shore melee caught on tape. Who was at fault? Ronnie? The two peeps?
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