Blac Chyna posted a nip slip video on Instagram. Or did she? Watch the clip and decide for yourself.
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Taylor Swift was caught by surprise by a fire alarm during a concert in Houston last night. The singer was semi-nude, but that didn't stop her from recording an Instagram video for her fans.
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Kylie Jenner takes on Kim Kardashian's mannerisms in a video posted to Instagram yesterday. We get the feeling Kim didn't find it quite so funny.
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Lindsay Lohan posted then quickly deleted a video of herself drunkenly dancing on a yacht. Fortunately, the video had already been reposted elsewhere.
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Khloe Kardashian posted video of her tattoo removal to Instagram. Makes sense. She is a Kardashian, after all.
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North West gets her groove on in a new Instagram video. The daughter of Kim and Kanye turned 2 this week.
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The Charlie Challenge is the latest viral sensation to take the Internet by storm. It features teens trying to summon demons with pencils, because obviously.
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Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner have posted many racy photos on Instagram over the years. Do they have any regrets over any images? Find out now!
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Chet Haze posted a video in which he defends his right to use racial slurs on social media. Yes, it's every bit as appalling as it sounds.
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Kylie Jenner would like to clear the air. The reality star says she's not on drugs, and she wants the whole world to know it.
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If it wasn’t obvious enough from their Instagram accounts, these are the stars who are most obsessed with them"selfies."
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Kylie Jenner posted a video selfie that she took while driving. Yeah...she doesn't make the greatest decisions.
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