Thongs. They work wonders for panty lines, but sometimes we get the feeling that our thongs are bad for us. And we may be right.
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Avril Lavigne sat down with Good Mornina America today for an emotional interview about her battle with Lyme disease. Lavigne says she hopes to be an advocate for Lyme disease patients who have been misdiagnosed.
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Amy, the mom breastfeeding while practicing yoga naked whose photo went viral, insists it was not staged.
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An Iowa woman recently told her doctor that she bought a tapeworm on the Internet and ingested it in an attempt to lose weight.
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Paul Karason, the man with blue skin, passed away Monday of a heart attack and stroke in a Washington hospital.
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As prenatal testing for Down syndrome becomes more common, many women will face an array of information about their unborn children.
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Gabby, 8, and Jeffrey, 29, suffer from a mysterious condition that has drastically slowed their aging process.
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Chastity Garner shares her story of having to be wrapped in elastic to try on wedding gowns, and why that happened.
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