Paul Karason, the man with blue skin, passed away Monday of a heart attack and stroke in a Washington hospital.
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Krokodil, a cheap heroin knockoff from Russia known to cause such extreme gangrene and abscesses that a user's muscles, tendons and bones can become exposed, is now in the Midwest.
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This is pretty cool. Watch what happens when a woman films herself working out for 100 days straight.
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Schools across the country have been sending notes home to parents letting them know that their children are overweight, notes that have been dubbed "fat letters" by some.
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A pregnant CrossFit mom is getting a lot of flak online. But is it warranted?
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"Fit Mom" Maria Kang is responding to critics who say she was trying to shame other moms with a photo on Facebook.
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26-year-old Gemma Holmes was in an accident while riding her scooter in England. She slipped into a coma, then woke up to find she is three months pregnant.
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A South Carolina couple had their feelings hurt when a nurse implied their 9-month-old son was a loser because he hadn't received any vaccinations.
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