Lena Headey is speaking out on the Game of Thrones rape scene she was a part of ... and she had some pretty surprising comments.
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The preview for next week's episode of Game of Thrones offers some intriguing clues. Could we be on the verge of discovering Jon Snow's true parentage?
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A prime example of a minor character who goes out in a major way. Don't worry, Theon gets his later.
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Viserys was up there with King Joffrey in terms of douchebags we loved to hate. Even so, his death by molten gold is tough to watch.
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Ever wonder what Game of Thrones would look like as a porn? Watch this promo and wonder no longer!
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What should fans expect from Game of Thrones Season 6? According to this brand new teaser, a lot of death and a lot of sin.
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Jon Snow lives! And actor Kit Harington says he's sorry for spending the last ten months misleading fans.
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Emilia Clark reiterates her position on Game of Thrones nudity and issues a battle cry to "FREE THE PENIS!"
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Surely, one of the most gruesome deaths in the history of television. We even feel bad for the witnesses.
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The cast of Game of Thrones recently attempted to recognize one another by their butts. It's harder (and more hilarious) than it sounds.
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Game of Thrones actress Aimee Richardson was recently let go from the show. She responded with a hilarious Vine video.
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Peter Dinklage sums up Game of Thrones for someone who's never seen it. Not bad for 45 seconds.
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