Watch this physicist "invent" an Oreo Separator machine in the garage. It's a viral ad for Oreo but still great.
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A food reenactment of Super Mario Bros. Never saw that one coming, did you?
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Gabby Douglas flips for McDonald's.
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Check out this kitchen safe! It locks down your food so you can't binge on snacks! Amazing.
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Jamie "The Bear" McDonald attempts to maul his way through the ENTIRE Hobbit menu at Denny's.
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A Golden Corral employee comes down hard on the restaurant in this video, filming food that is about to be inspected as it sits alongside a dumpster. The chain has said those burger patties were not served to any customers.
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Schools across the country have been sending notes home to parents letting them know that their children are overweight, notes that have been dubbed "fat letters" by some.
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A look at how some animals eat their food ... as reenacted by a person.
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