Facebook Home is Facebook's answer to you not being on Facebook enough. Or something. Really it's hard to tell.
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An estimated 7 million kids are using Facebook. Your child might be one of them. Here are some tips for using Facebook safely.
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This is pretty hilarious. Watch Facebook: The Musical now and see how life has changed a lot in the last few years.
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A Palestine-based hacker wanted to ensure Facebook knew of a security vulnerability, so he used the hack to post an explanation to Mark Zuckerberg.
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This amazing Turn Down For What Fail is brought to you by Tom Forester, Facebook, Lil Jon and the all-powerful ocean.
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What would a real life Facebook update look like? This!
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Tommy Jordan, a North Carolina dad, recently taught his teenage daughter the hard way that nothing on the Internet can really be considered private. Watch what he did after finding a disrespectful Facebook post she wrote about him.
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This Facebook app helps people plan for their deaths and how people will react on social media. Just when you thought you'd heard everything.
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