An estimated 7 million kids are using Facebook. Your child might be one of them. Here are some tips for using Facebook safely.
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A Palestine-based hacker wanted to ensure Facebook knew of a security vulnerability, so he used the hack to post an explanation to Mark Zuckerberg.
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This amazing Turn Down For What Fail is brought to you by Tom Forester, Facebook, Lil Jon and the all-powerful ocean.
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When an Illinois dad came across a gut-wrenching hospital photo of his young daughter on a Facebook spam page, he didn’t try to get even. He did something far better.
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A teacher in Idaho was recently fired for uploading a photo to Facebook, but do you think she should have been?
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This girl's letter to her future self has gone viral. Learn about it here.
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Fitness guru Maria Kang (a.k.a. Fit Mom) is generating controversy online after being temporarily banned from facebook.
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An Albuquerque mother and her son are in legal trouble after putting a puppy in a Ziplock bag and posting the picture to Facebook.
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A man decided to surprise Facebook "friends" he'd never me, using things he learned about them through their Facebook pages!
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Facebook engagement announcements are beyond annoying. Here's a look at some of the worst offenders.
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A four year old has been expelled from school because of his mom’s Facebook post.
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Police in New York have arrested Nicole Kelly, 22, for allegedly smothering her baby boy with a bed sheet and posting photos of his body on Facebook.
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