WARNING: This gum commercial is about to make you cry. It packs quite the emotional wallop.
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Diddy and Cassie totally have sex in this video for the former's perfume. Kind of. Sort of. Cassie is very much naked at least.
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The folks at Priority Motorsports have put together either the world's best or the world's worst local commercial. Watch it here and help us decide which it is.
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This may be the best commercial in Internet history. We're not kidding. Watch now and you'll agree.
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Need another reason to fall totally and completely in love with Anna Kendrick? Watch this trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront.
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How do you KFC? This guy gets the Double Down tattooed on to his arm. For real!
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This Honey Maid commercial features a gay couple and a guy with tattoos. What will become of our nation next?!?
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Mila Kunis is featured in this new ad for Jim Beam. Drool over the bourbon and the actress now.
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This fake Grey Poupon ad cracks us up. Watch and you'll understand why.
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Mila Kunis shills here for Jim Beam Honey. If it means we get to see more of the actress, we'll buy this bourbon by the barrel-full.
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The most important sexy commercial you'll ever see is also pretty awkward.
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Kristen Stewart is the face of Florabotanica. Watch a commercial for this fragrance now.
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