Budweiser appeals to dog lovers in this great commercial. It gives them a reason to not drink and drive.
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Wanna add three inches... to yourself? Watch this amazing Shoes by Jews ad now.
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Paris Hilton has reunited with Carl's Jr. She and model Hannah Ferguson star in this new sexy ad.
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Beck Bennett is joining the cast of Saturday Night Live. He's best known for AT&T commercials such as these.
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Budweiser has unveiled its latest, totally adorable Super Bowl commercial. Check it out now and prepare to melt!
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This video should be watched by young women everyone. It's all about girl power. Watch and see.
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Derrick Coleman is a deaf football player. He is featured in this ad for Duracell.
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Vanilla Ice in a new ad for Kraft mac and cheese. It's as funny as it is random.
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Taylor Swift is a spokesperson for Diet Coke. She stars in an ad for that beverage here.
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This fake Grey Poupon ad cracks us up. Watch and you'll understand why.
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Carmen Electra makes this Volkswagen commercial go. It also involves puppies, mascots and babies.
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This Bar Refaeli commercial has been banned in Israel. It's too hot and sexy for that nation.
Rating: 4.3 / 5.0