Twitter users worry that Taylor Swift has lost an unhealthy amount of weight. Is she too skinny?
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Danielle Fishel only got married a few days ago, but her wedded bliss has been short lived. She went on a Twitter rant defending her marriage and her weight.
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Jessica Simpson talks resolutions, weight loss and wedding plans.
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Chastity Garner shares her story of having to be wrapped in elastic to try on wedding gowns, and why that happened.
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June Shannon has shed 115 pounds. She talks about that incredible weight loss in this video.
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New mom Kate Middleton is royal perfection as she goes on a grocery run. See the picture.
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Miranda Lambert's weight loss has been the subject of much debate in the past week. How'd she do it?
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Lea Michele made her first red carpet appearance since the death of Cory Monteith, and looked very thin.
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Fitness guru Maria Kang (a.k.a. Fit Mom) is generating controversy online after being temporarily banned from facebook.
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A fitness blogger in Norway posted a picture online of her flat stomach just four days after giving birth, and let’s just say her critics are not impressed.
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Khloe Kardashian lost weight in late 2015, and shared her journey - which was both physical and emotional - with fans. What made the proclaimed "fat" Kardashian sister get in shape?
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Mo'Nique shows off her incredible 100 pound weight loss by sharing a swimsuit pic to Instagram. Looking good!
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