Stella Maxwell is making out with Miley Cyrus in this video. Ready for some hot girl-on-girl action?
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Hey, it's Caitlyn Jenner! The famous transgender reality star received a huge ovation upon attending a Pride Week event in New York City.
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Take a close look at this video and decide: Do the clouds formed by a lightning storm in Virgina really resemble Michael Jackson?!?
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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran may very well be back together. Yes, again. How else do you explain the footage seen here?
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Ian Somerhalder made one fan cry in Paris and others very angry when he refused to snap photos with them. Watch the video and decide if the actor was rude... or if he made some good points.
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Uh-oh! Kanye West has been caught smiling again! He better turn that non-frown upside down ASAP!
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Ed Sheeran absolutely stuns a fan in this video, joining her for a duet at the mall and making the young lady's dreams come true.
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Caitlyn Jenner made her first public appearance since becoming Caitlyn Jenner on Tuesday. Watch this video to see her look when speaking at an LGBT center in Los Angeles.
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