Dylan Sprouse handled his naked photo scandal about as well as we've ever seen anyone do it.
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D.L. Hughley has fighting words for Caitlyn Jenner. Watch this video to see what the comedian had to say about the former Olympian.
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This video features footage of Madonna's son doing a backflip. It also features a caption left by The Material Girl that references her son's penis.
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Emily Blunt recently joked that she wished she were not an American citizen. But the hosts of Fox & Friends did not find this funny
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Video of Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer in the face and knocking her out cold has surfaced. He was suspended two games by the NFL.
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Nicole Arbour claims there's no such thing as "fat-shaming." Watch her controversial video here and respond to its premise.
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Justin Bieber partied hard in Brazil. And one random young woman captured the aftermath on camera.
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These cheerleaders are performing a "tribute" to 9/11. Do you find the performance offensive or praise-worthy?
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