Oh, Justin Bieber. We thought you were over this. Watch the singer smoke some marijuana during a concert in New Zealand.
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Machine Gun Kelly receives oral sex on stage ... then pelvic thrusts a Twerking girl back into the crowd.
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Steve-O was arrested Sunday night in Hollywood after causing a MAJOR scene. He actually posted footage of his anti-SeaWorld protest online.
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The Demi Lovato nude photo scandal is pretty intense. Here's what she has to say about it.
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Wendy Williams has come under some major fire. Watch this video to see what the talk show host said about Ariana Grande and then to see what the singer's fans said back.
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Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have a sex tape. Wow. Just wow.
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This video features footage of Madonna's son doing a backflip. It also features a caption left by The Material Girl that references her son's penis.
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Beverly Johnson appeared on Good Morning America today. The model had some surprising words for Bill Cosby, who she says attempted to rape her several dacages ago.
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