Donald Trump may has gone off on Megyn Kelly. But you won't believe what the Presidential candidate actually said about the Fox News anchor this time.
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Donald Trump has now managed to insult Asian people. Watch this campaign speech to see why and how.
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Machine Gun Kelly receives oral sex on stage ... then pelvic thrusts a Twerking girl back into the crowd.
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Howie Mandel issued an apology on America's Got Talent this week. He realizes that he made an inappropriate eating disorder joke.
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Donald Trump had strong words for a Latino reporter from Univision at a recent press conference. Watch him tell the journalist off here.
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Rochelle Herman is the woman who first informed the FBI about Jared Fogle. Now, she's sharing her story for the first time.
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Everyone seems to agree that Donald Trump is a bigot. But what did the mogul actually say about Mexicans to elicit this reaction? Watch his speech here.
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Wendy Williams has come under some major fire. Watch this video to see what the talk show host said about Ariana Grande and then to see what the singer's fans said back.
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