YouTube user Bimbo Winehouse says Mister Cee tried to solicit sex from him. Take a look.
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Alec Baldwin reportedly hurled an anti-gay slur at a paparazzo in New York City Thursday.
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onald Trump is being sued by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for $40 million.
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Chris Brown voluntarily enters rehab to 'gain insight into his past and recent behaviour' after being arrested for assault.
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Michael Egan just sued "X-Men" director Bryan Singer for allegedly sexually assaulting him when he was a minor. This was not the only such incident, he says.
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Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner allegedly hooked up, leading to Selena Gomez parting ways with Bieber ... allegedly.
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Hugh Douglas reportedly threatened his ESPN colleague Michael Smith during an event. He was eventually fired.
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Former NFL star Brian Holloway was away from home when he found out that a wild party was going on inside his house, which was trashed.
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Benzino gets into it with a flight attendant in the most epic racist rant.
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Peter Dante says he is not racist. But The Waterboy actor sure acts like it.
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Norman Oosterbroek, a well known and respected bodyguard, working for Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Beyonce, has been tasered to death.
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Dylan Sprouse handled his naked photo scandal about as well as we've ever seen anyone do it.
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