Shailene Woodley has gone all Beyonce on fans. She got her hair into a bob for a new movie role.
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What do you think of Kristen Stewart's orange hair? We break down the shocking change here.
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Aevin Dugas has the largest afro in the world. It measures four-and-a-half-feet in diameter.
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Who's that girl? Pamela Anderson was nearly unrecognizable when she stepped out in L.A. on Wednesday, Oct. 30, with a super-short new haircut.
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Miley Cyrus is wigging out. Sort of literally. Check out her new hairstyle.
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Rihanna sports another new look, flaunting a mullet Mohawk hybrid in New York City.
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Kim Kardashian now has blonde hair. What do you think of her look? Sound off!
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Marie Claire posted a photo of Kendall Jenner in braids and referred to the style as "epic." This upset many African-Americans.
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Beyonce sports an asymmetric blonde bob as she lunches with husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.
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Beyonce's haircut is something else. People have strong opinions on it, that's for sure.
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From Anne Hathaway to Pamela Anderson, we look at some women who've said goodbye to their long locks.
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Jennifer Aniston sports a new shorter haircut. What do you think of it?
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