Watch this awesome time lapse video of a couple preparing to be first-time parents ... in a minute and a half.
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These twins were just born. But they still believe they are in the womb. It's wonderful.
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Prince George is about to turn one. He has had quite a life already!
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This newborn baby refuses to leave the side of his mother in an awe-inspiring video.
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This dog steals its baby's toy... and then feels so guilty about doing so that he brings the child ALL THE TOYS. It's beyond adorable.
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Selena Gomez is pregnant by Justin Bieber! On April 1, 2014, we broke this bombshell story.
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A pair of twins holds hands immediately after being born via C-section. Amazing.
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Babies laughing at dogs? If that's not the cutest video ever we don't know what is.
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