Wil Wheaton gives advice to a girl bullied for being a nerd in this great viral video.
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Amy Poehler offers bullying advice in her latest edition of Ask Amy.
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Is this kid's My Little Pony backpack a bullying trigger? That's what a school is claiming.
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Rape allegations are suddenly being thrust back into the public eye nearly two years later, and it's gotten the attention of the group Anonymous.
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A Georgia teacher was caught bullying her students by a fourth grader who recorded her.
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A bullied Boy from PA dies after being removed from life support during a medically induced coma.
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William Bailey, 43, was sentenced earlier this week for mocking a girl with cerebral palsy, as seen in this viral video.
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Watch this awesome video of a TV news anchor going off on a viewer who bullied her on email over her weight.
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