Sarah Cook, an adamant defender of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, calls in to TMZ Live to explain why he's innocent.
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Video of the Boston bombing suspect shootout April 19, 2013.
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An interview with the man who witnessed both huge disasters last week, the Boston bombing and the Texas plant explosion.
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President Barack Obama comments on the arrest of the Boston Bombing suspect.
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Craig Ferguson goes off on the bombing at the Boston Marathon during his monologue.
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Jon Stewart weighs in on Monday's Boston Marathon bombings.
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President Barack Obama speaks on the Boston Marathon blast and those affected by today's bombing.
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Neil Diamond belts out his classic "Sweet Caroline" in this video. Live. At Fenway Park. At the Red Sox first home game since the Boston Marathon bombing.
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A video detailing a Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy. It's really quite something what people will think up.
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Police and the Boston Bombing suspect trade fire in Watertown.
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David Ortiz drops the f-bomb while firing up the Boston Red Sox crowd, and it is awesome.
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Check out this video of the Boston Marathon bombing. Just unreal.
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