December might be here, but Paris Hilton is miles away from the cold weather, yucking it up in a bikini in Dubai.
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Kourtney showed off her bikini body on vacation recently. She may just be the hottest Kardashian.
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Miley Cyrus shouts out Dallas hoes and rocks a bikini. For obvious reasons.
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A tribute to some of the very best Kaley Cuoco bikini pictures. And her hotness in general.
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Kate Upton wears a bikini in this clip from The Other Woman. You gotta check it out.
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Terry Richardson brings us this incredible behind the scenes video of Kate Upton's GQ photo shoot. Warning ... your computer may start sweating profusely.
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Kate Upton rocks our world in a bikini, but see if the "Fashion Police" think she rocked the look.
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LeAnn Rimes celebrates her friend's 40th birthday and rocks a bikini while singing Mexican folk songs ... obviously.
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Amanda Bynes posts new and improved bikini pics on Twitter. And they are wonderful.
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Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga from Boy Meets World, rocks a bikini while on her Honeymoon in Hawaii.
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Kellie Pickler posts photos of herself in a bikini. And we are grateful.
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Robyn Lawley's scorching bikini shoot in Cosmo Australia is enough to make your jaw hit the floor.
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