Grace VanderWaal made her much-anticipated return to America's Got Talent this week. Check out her incredible performance now!
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Well done, Brian Justin Crum! Check out this video to see the talented singer make like Phil Collins on a live episode of America's Got Talent.
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Linkin Bridge made quite a quarterfinals impression on America's Got Talent viewers this week. Check out the group's latest performance now!
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Grace VanderWaal just captured our hearts on America's Got Talent. Are we looking at the next Taylor Swift?
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Brian Justin Crum has talent. Serious talent. Watch this America's Got Talent hopeful bring the judges to their feet now!
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Sofie Dossi blew us away on America's Got Talent. How? Watch this incredible video to find out!
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OOPS! Watch this video to see an America's Got Talent contestant get shot in the neck by a flaming arrow. For real! This happened!
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Sal Valentinetti blew away the judges on America’s Got Talent. Watch his Golden Buzzer-worthy performance now.
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Dorothy Williams stripped down on America's Got Talent this week. The 90-year old earned a Golden Buzz in the process.
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Catapult Entertainment closed out an episode of America's Got Talent with a tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook. Watch some of it here.
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Branden James is clearly an America's Got Talent standout. Watch his amazing audition now.
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Andrew De Leon doesn't look like the next big singer. But watch his America's Got Talent audition here and check out the pipes on this contestant.
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