Alicia Keys honors Whitney Houston here at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards party. This took place just hours after Whitney died.
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The Olympic gymnastics winner Gabby Douglas takes the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards with two famous singers. Watch Gabby's show stopping routine.
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Adam Levine and Alicia Keys perform at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
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Alicia Keys changes the lyrics a bit here from "Girl on Fire" to "Obama on Fire." Watch her perform at the Inaugural Ball.
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Alicia Keys had to hold back tears as she performed "Send Me An Angel" at the funeral for Whitney Houston. Watch the lovely performance now.
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Alicia Keys debuts a new song here on American Idol. It's titled "Tears Always Win.”
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Alicia Keys belts out a beautiful rendition of the national anthem in this video. Watch and comment away now!
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DMX crashes an Alicia Keys concert in NYC. April 2013.
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