Jennifer Lawrence falls on the stairs en route to collect her Best Actress Oscar. Pretty awesome.
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Lady Gaga's incredible performance from the 2015 Academy Awards. Watch her Sound of Music tribute!
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Shirley Bassey sings "Goldfinger" here at 2013 Academy Awards. It's a classic James Bond anthem.
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John Legend & Common perform "Glory" at the 2015 Academy Awards.
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Angelina Jolie presents at the Oscars in 2012. She looks skinny. Alarmingly skinny.
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Adele won the Oscar for best original song at the 2013 ceremony - and performed it there as well. Here's her singing "Skyfall."
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THG takes a look back at the 2011 Oscars in this latest edition of The Pulse. What were some of the highlights and lowlights? Find out now.
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Sacha Baron Cohen arrived at the Academy Awards dressed like his character from The Dictator. He proceeded to spill fake ashes all over Ryan Seacrest.
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