The 911 call placed when Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were at each other's throats earlier this year.
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A bride who was robbed received a loaner wedding dress - from a 911 responder!
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A 911 call from teens saves the life of a kidnapped woman who mouthed "help me" to them.
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A movie critic dialed 911 from a movie theater in Toronto. Why? Find out in this video.
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A man calls 911 in this audio clip and reports on the death of Shain Gandee and two others. It's sad stuff.
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The 911 call placed after Amanda Bynes started a fire in someone's driveway. This is a crazy story.
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When Michael Lohan calls the cops on Kate Major, this is what happens.
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The Amanda Berry 911 call placed after she escaped after 10 years in captivity.
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Kenya Moore calls 911 after getting assaulted on the set of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion taping. You gotta hear this.
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In this 911 call, a photographer tells the authorities that he was just robbed... but two of Justin Bieber's bodyguards. Listen now.
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Ray J calls 911 on Princess Love, fearing she will kill herself and then him. Listen to the recording.
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Mary Jaggers landed in court for misusing the emergency system after she called 911 and told dispatchers that there were intoxicated people at a bar.
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